Batman is the leader of the Heroes' League.

Bruce Wayne


Bruce Wayne




Incredible Flexibility and Venom Enhanced Senses




Heroes' League


Cold and usually silent, Batman never talks unless needed. His cold, hard demeanor usually hides a disturbed man.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Proficiency with GadgetsEdit

Batman shows high proficiency with gadgets. His belt features 17 different systems alone, his cape 3, his gloves 2 each and his boots have thrusters. He shows great skill in each.

Master CombatantEdit

Batman is an incredibly skilled combatant. He showed this against Spiderzone, in the Defense of the City Mayor, where he took Spiderzone on after Spiderzone killed the Advance Guard. He also is shown to have used this against the Green Commandos in the battle for Heroes' Tower.

Batman is trained in 12 martial arts, and he combines each to devastating effect.

Intelligence and Face ReadingEdit

Batman is very intelligent. He shows very quick thinking in tight situations and usually is a good reasoner. Batman is intelligent enough to conclude that Spiderzone must have a decoy, since his queer habits showed such. Batman is also a skilled face reader, able to detect slight twitches as lies or truth.